[Pre-Order] GRIPPŪL XL

[Pre-Order] GRIPPŪL XL

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Shipping Starts Mid-October to September


  • 1 Heat-treated Aluminum Grippul XL (Anti-slip Texture).

  • Option of 2 Black Quad Crimps (18mm depth, 4 intergraded edges 15°, 30°, Flat, and Round)


  • 15 industry standard 3/8-16" threaded holes.

  • Light, and slim profile for ease of travel.

  • Various sling, and anchor slots for large carabiners, and pulley system integration.

  • Compatible with many types of industry standard climbing edges, pinches, and pockets.

From sheer training pleasure to design and refinement, the new Grippul XL has been optimized for specific attributes geared towards a complete hang board experience. Grippul engineering underpins the new XL, providing an outstanding versatility and range of integrative training, from lifting, to dual-hand hanging—including seamless integration for a weight assistive pulley system*. Casted and heat treaded 6061 aluminum, coated with anti-slip texture, this revolutionary tool of function and versatility is ready to work. Option of 2 Black Quad Crimps. 18mm depth, 4 intergraded edges 15°, 30°, flat edge, and round edge.

*Pulleys not included.

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With sportier design cues and a strong, durable aluminum platform, the Beast Fingers Climbing Grippūl XL is designed to work. It is light, and built for the versatile climber who has specific goals and is looking for results. 

Built off of the same great Grippul platform, the XL continues the underpinnings of the Grippul line, exceeding the expectations, and is determined to provide distinctive dual-hand training impact. From the familiar design cues of the sling slots, and anchor holes—to the recessed curved outer rim, and round shape. The Grippul XL is designed to go where you go.

With a range of options, the 15 threaded holes, allow for a range of industry level climbing grips, including the option to include our familiar quad crimp. The multiple anchor points allows for a range of integrative training, from lifting, to hanging, as well as seamless integration for a pulley system.

All in all it’s a very well-worked shape, and if you see it alongside a Grippul 2 you instantly see how the profile has been preserved, the bolting system fully integrated, while maintaining its detailed finely slimmed stance.