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  • New in 2.0 Even lighter with slotted rim, with elegant cut-out back.
  • New in 2.0 Integrated rounded and flat half-pad 11mm crimps on the back.
  • New in 2.0 Improved bolting pattern, attach climbing grips even lower, 3 standard 3/8-16" threaded holes to change angle of training and allow multiple bolting points.
  • New in 2.0 Two additional attachment holes around rim to further your training imagination. Compatible with thick locking carabiners and thick slings.
  • Powdered Coated rough texture for better handling and friction.
  • Made of durable 6061 aluminum.
  • Compatible with standard climbing holds 3-5" wide.
  • Integrated pinch around the edge.
  • Designed and manufactured in Denver, Colorado.
Climbing Hold:
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The newly revised Beast Fingers Grippūl Two is the original climbing hold isolator. It is now lighter, and has just what you need to increase your contact strength gradually, allowing you to measure and train your hand strength on different climbing holds. 

The Grippūl Two was designed to be used with multiple weight sources, and works great with a cable pull machine. It now has 6 large carabiner holes around the rim that can also accommodate slings. It's powder coated texture gives it great friction against variant types of climbing holds, as well as a very nice feel for pinching the integrated pinch around the edge.

It now has three threaded holes, based on our customer feedback on how it's used. The three bolting points allow for not only a wide arrange of climbing holds, but, it affects the effective angle of the Grippūl allowing you to train overhung, or straight, with the threaded hole for pinches still in the center when the Grippūl is horizontal.


We took the time to develop the best approach to hand strength, and maintaining it. The Beast Fingers Grippūl Two does just that and more. With no need to bolt anything to the wall, the Grippūl Two goes wherever you go. Just bring two or three crimps, and connect to any weight source, whether a cable pull machine, kettle bell, or a simple resistance band, and you are ready to go.