Grippul SmartPlatform 1

Grippul SmartPlatform 1

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Coming Soon - Summer 2020!

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Being able to see your and growth of your friends on the app in finger performance brings the fun back into training! Metrics are key to feeling accomplished and know that you are hitting your goals. The Force Platform with the Grippul makes that possible. Feedback is real-time, providing pounds to the millisecond the force you are pulling in pounds. 


  • Bluetooth support to allow platform to sync with app to upload your data and compare to your friends!

  • Force sensor supports 2,000lbs

  • Automatic Strength-to-Weight: Platform weighs you when you stand on it to automatically calculate your strength to weight ratio.

  • Real-time force feedback

  • Force sensor calibrated on arrival and ready to go

  • Work out plans Integrated in app and platform

  • Durable to withstand multiple testing and great for climbing gym use.

  • Rechargeable power that can last up to two weeks or longer.

  • Rubberized platform for traction

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