Since early 2016 the Beast Fingers Grippūl has brought a new meaning to climbing holds as the original climbing hold isolator. It is a versatile training tool—The Mobile Climbing Training System. We took the time to develop the best approach to hand strength, and maintaining it. The new Beast Fingers Grippūl does just that and more. With no need to bolt anything to the wall, the Grippūl goes wherever you go.



The Grippūl was designed to be used with multiple weight sources, and works great with a cable pull machine. It has 5 threaded 5/16" holes, and 4 large carabiner holes around the rim that can also accommodate slings. It's new powder coated texture gives it great friction against variant types of climbing holds, as well as a very nice feel for pinching the integrated variable pinch around the edge.



Grab two Grippūls with your favorite crimps and use the Grippūl as a hang-board. This set up is one of the best ways to get in a hanging session when traveling, with large carabiner attachment, making rigging easy.



Using the Grippūl with a kettle bell, or loading pin is an easy way to quantify lifting on individual hands. Making it easy to asses your strength to weight ratio, especially when lifting close to your max. This method of finger workout has attracted many sports trainers and therapist for rehabilitation.



Using the Grippūl, like the kettle bell lift, makes it very easy to measure your growth over time. Great for therapeutic or rehabilitiative use or active recovery between climbing sessions.



Carrying the Grippūl is easy! You can order the fixed amount below in sets of 10's or you can email us and we can customize the quantities for you based on your needs. (Minimum quantity is 10).

Note: We package, assemble and wrap before delivery.

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