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Ages 6-18

A great way to get your kid fired up! The youth team trains to compete in local, regional events. The perfect set-up to get in the swing of competitive bouldering, speed, and sport climbing!

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Pro Team Athletes


Maggie Yeung

Maggie started climbing in the summer of 2015 and instantly fell head over heels in love with the sport. A Bay Area native, she now attends UC Irvine where she studies biomedical engineering. She was briefly on the Planet Granite Competition team and is now a member of the UCI Climbing Team. During school breaks, she still coaches at Planet Granite. She is incredibly psyched and is always looking to learn more about any and every aspect of climbing there is, from increasing efficiency of movement to strength training.

Primarily a boulderer, her favorite style of climbing is powerful, technical, steep climbing (the steeper the better!) and anything else that isn’t scary. She is grateful for the confidence she's gained from the sport, and the many supportive friends she's made. Maggie trains relentlessly and is highly driven and motivated by the feeling of getting stronger. She is extremely excited to see where her training takes her in the future and to climb on rock outside of California.

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Mickael Mawem

Micka competes for the French National Team, and has been climbing since he was 16 years old! He currently resides and trains in France with his brother, Bassa, who is also has had great international success! Currently Micka is the brand new French Champion of the 2018 combined format.

Micka has eyes on competing and qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games, which will be the first debut of Sport Climbing in the Olympics as a combined format. Keep an eye on his training at his social channels below.

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Mark Goldstein

Mark is from Austin, TX but is currently living in Seattle, WA, trading the slick Texas limestone for the PNW's immaculate granite. He's been climbing since 2006, and coming from a family of athletes has always taken training very seriously. He loves learning about and trying new training techniques, constantly searching for the next breakthrough.

Besides climbing, Mark has a background in physics, astronomy, and mechanical engineering. However, he's recently succumbed to the Seattle tech scene, and is now working as a web developer. He also really likes pastries.

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Paige Bowling

Originally from Grand Junction, CO. Paige has been a top USAC Collegiate athlete through the 2017-18 season, and competed at her first 2018 USA Climbing Open Nationals, with her eyes on Team USA 2019. Bowling is a Colorado School of Mines, Alumni and is now at Ohio State University, where she is pursuing a Ph.D in biophysics. 

She is also a Theta, and apart of Society of Women Engineers, an organization that stimulates women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers.

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Maureen Beck

Mo is based in the Colorado Front Range, she spends her nights training and her weekends climbing all over the American southwest. She works closely with the adaptive climbing community through Paradox Sports and the Paraclimbing section of USA Climbing and helps manage the Front Range Adaptive Climbing Team. As a competitive climber, she has won four national titles, a gold medal at the 2014 Paraclimbing World Championships in Spain, and also claimed her recent IFSC world title in 2016 in Paris. 

She really brings to the design team amazing insight for how our tools can work for training with other para athletes. Her and her husband are based in Denver, CO and in their spare time bake pies for chairty, and enjoy all their pets and chickens! 

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Melise Edwards

Melise is from North Carolina and started climbing ropes in North Carolina, West Virginia and Kentucky thanks to a few amazing mentors. She eventually found bouldering in 2010 and never looked back! She now lives in the northwest and is exploring a new community and style of climbing.

Aside from climbing & training, her interests lie in science, trail running, French, and volunteering. Her biggest goal is to go back to school for a masters in neuroscience. She also volunteers with Vertical Generation, a group that strives to take less fortunate youth to the gym and give them a regular climbing experience through mentorship.

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Jesse Pierson

Jesse is Tacoma, Washington native, but due to his pursuit of a Doctorate degree in Piano Performance, he has also made a home in Northern Texas and Front Range Colorado.  While simultaneously balancing the life of a doctoral student, loving father, and performing artist,

Jesse has developed into an elite rock climber who is easily identified by a sloth-like climbing precision and contagious positive attitude.  While the brand name Beast Fingers is a perfect fit for a rock climbing-concert pianist, the connection resulted from a deeper passion for more efficient training strategies.  Now, at 27, Jesse is devoted to inspiring his fellow weekend warriors to pursue their individual climbing dreams in addition to the demands of everyday life.

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Jennifer Nicely

Jennifer Nicely is a rock climber and American Ninja Warrior competitor. She began climbing in February 2009 and loves continuously pushing herself. She has competed in many recreational climbing competitions, often placing in her division. While she has had many wonderful experiences and successes as a climber, her biggest challenge came when she suffered a massive climbing injury in 2012.The damage she sustained to her left arm was extensive enough that she almost lost her left arm. But even that couldn’t keep Jen from doing what she loved.

She has battled back to become even stronger than she was before her accident, pushing herself as a climber, Obstacle course racing (OCR) athlete, and Ninja Warrior. She's had an incredible recovery and credits this to the unwavering support she receives from those around her. Jennifer lives in Tampa, Florida and trains as much as possible. She loves all things climbing and being outdoors!

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