Beast Fingers Climbing KörperForce Released for OSX

KörperForce on OSX - High Sierra

KörperForce on OSX - High Sierra

Whether you are a training yourself or coaching a team, KörperForce has your back for tracking metrics on yourself or your team. Take the guessing work out of building programming and workouts or tracking your periodization. Great for coaches, trainers, physical therapist, sports performance analyst.

Perfect for the Self-Coached Climber
KörperForce allows full customization in building out a workout program with ease. Add the metrics you value to your athletes profile. Whether it's tracking you weighted pull up, or how much protein you need to intake, or your recent Grippul 5RM. Having the metrics you value will help you produce take your climbing or your athletes climbing to the next level, and hopefully keeping injury free. 

For Teams
If you are a coach, no matter the size of your team, organize and and manage your athletes performance and PR metrics to get the snapshot you need of their performance and growth. KörperForce allows you to re-organize the metrics that are important to you, and have what you need in clear sight with the draggable interface. As well as OSX gestures when deleting an athlete, or duplicating an athlete with a simple swipe. If you don't want to create each metric every time for each athlete, we've made it easy to create multiple templates that you can use to make your life easier. 

Upcoming Features for KörperForce
Manage and access historical data online to see athletes growth overtime with a simple to use online interface that syncs with your app. Device support across iOS platforms to allow you to go into the field with your iPad and have a simple set-up when interacting with athletes. Stay tuned for more and check it out today!


Aman Anderson