Griffin Whiteside: Grippūl Challenge Champion!

Our reigning Grippūl Challenge Champion! IG @griffinwhiteside continues to hold his max crimp title! 215lbs on the Grippūl with a 15 degree crimp with ease!

The Rules:

  1. Must be a controlled up and down lift for 2 seconds.
  2. Must come at least 1" off of the ground
  3. Only 1 max rep required
  4. For social media: Video required, with witnesses of weights applied.

Prize: Free Beast Fingers T-Shirt!


Rock climbing and rock climbing training is a dangerous sport and can lead to injury. Only attach to secure structures or weights. Inspect that climbing hold is very tight, ESPECIALLY FOR WEIGHTS. Do not place fingers in any holes. Not to be used as an climbing aid, or for sport/top rope/traditional climbing of any sort. Misuse of the Grippūl can result in physical injury. Beast Fingers Climbing, LLC assumes no liability for improper usage of the Grippūl. If you experience pain or discomfort during use, stop immediately and consult your doctor. Always consult your health care professional before exercising with the Grippūl or beginning any exercise program.

Aman Anderson