Tendons and Active Recovery

Using the Grippūl for active recovery can be very helpful in tendon repair and progress. Tendons and pulleys can be very tricky to influence healing since their blood capillaries are very small. Taking active steps to help facilitate healing can be helpful.

Active recovery is the state of recovering without complete inactivity. You are taking active steps to keep the body warm while not doing a full intensity workout.

After a full intensity climbing session, or after doing strength training with the Grippūl, your fingers will need to recover. Activity is what encourages tendons to rebuild. Inactivity can lead to entropy, and also slow the healing stages of tendons. 


Using a cable pull machine, or a kettle bell, pick a weight that is 60% lower than your max. Using the included wooden system crimp as an example, if your max half-crimp on a 15 degree edge is 60lbs, then lower the weight down to 36lbs, and focus on moderate reps of 20 using dynamic crimping. Aim for 4 sets.

The key is to keep blood flow active, and keeping the hands warm so that the blood can bring new and fresh nutrients to the tendons and pulleys. Happy Grippūling!