KörperForce Athlete Management for OSX

KörperForce Athlete Management for OSX


Create Your Own Custom Metrics with Early Release of KörperForce!

Whether you are a training yourself or coaching a team, KörperForce has your back for tracking metrics on yourself or your team. Take the guessing work out of programming or tracking your periodization.

Great for coaches, trainers, physical therapist, sports performance analyst.

OSX High Sierra (Minimum 10.13.1)

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OSX High Sierra (Minimum 10.13.1)


Create Your Own Custom Metrics

Add the metrics you value to your athletes profile. Whether it's tracking an athletes weighted pull up, or how much protein they need to intake. Having the metrics you value will help you produce the next level athlete and also keep them injury free. 

  • Change metric color
  • Delete metrics that you don't need
  • Add unlimited additional metrics

Easily Add Your Athletes

No matter the size of your team, Organize and and manage your athletes performance and PR metrics to get the snapshot you need of their performance and growth.

  • Manage Athletes right from your desktop or laptop, making it easier to keep an eye on metrics that are importnt to you.
  • Unlimited number of athletes

Simple Draggable Interface

Re-organize the metrics that are important to you, and have what you need in clear sight.

Easily change colors, and sort boxes by color, or whichever suits your coaching style.


Template Management

If you don't want to create each metric every time for each athlete, we've made it easy to create multiple templates that you can use to make your life easier. 

  • Unlimited number of templates
  • Templates that serve different purposes for different teams, or functions (nutrition, athletic metrics, vitals.)

Coming features

  • Manage and track historical data via KörperForce Online, on the cloud
  • Cloud Syncing with devices
  • Mobile iOS Interface for iPad and iPhone
  • Bluetooth integration for Heart Rate monitors
  • Subscription based model to help coaches, sports practioners scale fluidly.