Interested in learning more about the Beast Fingers Climbing Team? We are very proud to be able to offer a competitive climbing team to keep your kid busy and challenged! Competitive climbing is a great way to meet friends and great coaches to mentor and help your child succeed!

Check out our services and pricing below!

Ages 6-18

A great way to get your kid fired up! The youth team trains to compete in local, regional events. The perfect set-up to get in the swing of competitive climbing! 

Services Offered

  • Körper Force is our movement training, efficiency and power for competition climbing. Allows our coaches to use cloud based performance monitoring with access for athletes, parents, and coaches.
  • #GrippūlTheory Our athlete assessment program to stay injury free, healthy and strong!
  • Sports Therapy Visits once a month to our Sports Recovery Center provider.
  • USA Climbing Membership for the season and the participation in local and regional competitions if competing.
  • Competition not required

Practices (6.75-7 hours a week): 

7:00-8:30 PM Tuesday and Thursday
2:30 – 6:45 PM Sunday
Mountain Strong - Denver, CO

Child - $120/Month
*Special discounts for more then one child

Ages 10-18

Our elite team program is the same as the youth team, but with added days on the weekend for extended time with their coaches to focus closely on athlete needs. The elite team's focus is National Championships and Cups.

Services Offered (In addition to youth team services)

  • Sports Therapy Weekly Visits to our Sports Recovery Center provider.
  • More Practice time Weekend practice in addition to youth practice.
  • More metrics More dialed training programs.
  • Competition required

Practices (10.75-11 hours a week): 

7:00-8:30 PM Tuesday and Thursday
8:00 – 2:30 PM Sunday
*World Cup classes on Saturday
Mountain Strong - Denver, CO

Child - $150/Month


Located in Denver, Colorado. The Beast Fingers Climbing team is equipped with amazing staff and volunteers to keep things fun, healthy, and challenging.

Full access to our own climbing walls allows us to adapt routes to the specific competition needs for the team. Coaches are licensed and insured.

Facility Located:
Mountain Strong - Denver
5280 Broadway St, Denver, CO, 80216

Beast Fingers Climbing Team Contact
Mobile: 407-257-6692

Our Partners and Sponsors

The following companies make this team a reality, and allow us to offer best-in-class options for the team.

Where all things BF Youth Team takes place. This is the home of the BF Youth climbing team.

When injuries happen, DSR has always been to the rescue for our team to either prevent them or heal them.

Athletic feats can be draining, that's why we teamed up with Skoop to keep the nutrition up and recovery fast.

Stylish and classy! Who said sports wear didn't have to look good. Lululemons team program makes it easy.

We use a lot of chalk! Friction Labs delivers when the need demands. World-class chalk used at every climbing circuit.

Adidas Terrex has helped us to outfit the team with amazing apparel.

SoiLL makes amazing rock climbing shoes that your kids will love!